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Registration is closed for 2017-2018. 

Before Registering Your Child:  

1. Please review our League page to understand player & parent committment/expectations.

2. Please review our Boundaries page to be sure that you live within Los Gatos NJB boundaries.


The Basics

Who:  Los Gatos boys & girls (grades 3-8) who enjoy playing basketball and want to improve their game.

Where:  Local school gyms (Fisher Middle School, Leigh High, Westmont High, CT English Middle School)

When:  Practices weekday evenings and Saturdays, Games Sundays.  Usually mid-October through early March.

Registration and Fees

The fee for participation is $425 plus a $14.50 national registration fee. We understand this is expensive but it is commensurate with the overall NJB experience. Most of the fee covers gymnasium rental costs, two game referees, scorekeepers and full game uniforms.  If you have questions about whether NJB is the right experience for your son or daughter, we encourage you to contact an NJB board member, coach or parent whose child has participated in the past.

Please note:  No refunds will be issued after September 29, 2017.  Also, the $14.50 national registration fee is non-refundable.



Volunteers Make it Happen. We continue to put a strong emphasis on volunteering. NJB relies heavily on volunteers for gym operations, clean-up, fund-raising, uniform distribution, coaching, and a host of other tasks.

Please pay careful attention to which volunteer activity you would like to select on the application form. The strength and success of our chapter is directly correlated to the active participation of our parents! We expect a large turnout of children again this year and it is our goal to accommodate each and every child who wants to play.

Sponsors are welcome to help us absorb the costs of gym time, which is our biggest expense.