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2022-23 Schedule

Please click on the 2022-23 Calendar tab (above) to see key dates for the 2022-2023 season.  While these dates are not necessarily set in stone, they will give you a general understanding of the season schedule.

Winter Season 2021-2022 Recap

 We thank all of our players, parents, coaches, and volunteers for a successful season.  We also congratulate the following championship teams.  Go LG!

The Golden Cats (LGD3G01): Hot Shots Champion

Head coach: Justine Kuehn

Assistant Coach: David Oraboni

Book: Sergio Garcia

LGD3B02: Hot Shot Champion

Head Coach: Andrew Bader 

Assistant: Darryl Seet


LGD2G02: Slam Dunk Champion

Head Coach: Patrick Harr

Assistant Coaches: Herb Cross and Dave McInerney


Comets (LGD2B02): Slam Dunk Champion

Coaches: Balaji Venkat and Warren Simons

Parent volunteer: Christy Kersten.


LGD2B03: Hot Shot Champion

Head Coach: Chris Cowan

Assistant: David Lombardi


Argonauts - LGC1B05: Full Court Champion

Head Coach: Patrick Sullivan

Assistant Coach: Don Mason


LGC1B03: Hot Shot Champion

Head Coach: Ted Scheel  

Assistant Coach: Brian Ganey


6th Grade Girl All Stars: National Champions

Coaches: Michael Mordaunt, Nick Nanez, Nate Currie


8th Grade All Net - Boys: National Champions

Head Coach: Timur Engin  

Assistant Coach: George Maroudas


Covid-19 Protocols

See Los Gatos NJB Covid-19 protocols here.

Los Gatos NJB

Los Gatos National Junior Basketball (NJB) offers boys and girls in grades 3-8 basketball instruction and competition against teams from Los Gatos and other Bay Area NJB Chapters. We also offer older students who aren’t playing for their high school teams the opportunity to play against similar teams from other Bay Area chapters.  This season we expect to have approximately 400 boys and girls that will participate in our youth basketball programs.

NJB is a developmental-competitive league and Los Gatos NJB puts player development ahead of winning for both Divisional and All-Net teams. Divisional players are guaranteed at least two full periods of play per game. There is no playing time requirement for All-Net, however, Los Gatos NJB All-Net teams will strive to give all players significant playing time.

Los Gatos NJB is committed to developing players who live in the neighborhoods of Los Gatos and Leigh High Schools. We do not accept players from other public school boundaries simply for the sake of making our teams better. We will accept All-Net players who live outside of the LGHS and Leigh HS boundaries if we don't have enough local players to form an All-Net team.

Interested in Volunteering?

If you are interested in coaching, volunteering or sponsoring or know of qualified people who are interested to help us, please contact our league leadership.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the court!

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From the National Office

Welcome to our 2022-2023 basketball season!  We are excited to share our 39th year of serving our community through basketball with you.